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Certified Contractors for Environmental Solutions

Empower your home and business with eco-friendly solutions by Pure Environmental Services Inc. Providing exemplary electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and repair services, our company specializes in top notch assistance that’s beneficial for your property and the environment. From Michigan to Ohio, Indiana to Illinois, the expertise of our technicians is available for your establishment’s absolute convenience.

Construction & Repair Services of Electrical and Mechanical Systems

It is our mission at Pure Environmental Services Inc. to offer clients the advantage of carefully designed electrical and mechanical solutions that aid in everyday operations and responsible living. From residential plumbing services to electrical systems for commercial establishments, our endeavor is to provide well trained personnel to answer any type of need.

Whether you require help with fabrication services, industrial fixtures, or on-site troubleshooting for persistent electrical problems, you’ll get the right assistance with us. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the service industry and with our extensive knowledge, competitive pricing, and trustworthy products, the result is of the utmost excellence.

Ecological Solutions for Commercial Establishments in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana,
and Illinois

At Pure Environmental Services, Inc., we strive for distinction in preserving the environment while meeting the needs of industrial and commercial businesses. That is why we have diversified our company profile to offer economical ways to reduce the industries’ energy consumption and environmental impact. Browse through the solutions on our Sign and Lighting page, or simply give us a call for a consultation. We look forward to working with you soon.

Activated Carbon Products and Services

At Pure Environmental Services, Inc. we stock activated carbon in various grades and mesh sizes for various applications, we also offer on site carbon change outs. Please visit our Environmental services page for products and services.


          Recent Build Out - 50 GPM Mobile Ground Water Treatment System Located in Croswell, Michigan 
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