Pure Environmental
Services, Inc

Mechanical Services

Fabrication Services

If you need any custom stand, header, flange or other custom design steel work contact us and we will gladly assist you. We have just added plastic fabrication as part of our in house sevices.




Welding Services

In house we have the equipment and the qualified personel to weld various types of metals up to 1" thick. We have just recently added plastic welding to the services provided in house.



Plumbing Services

We offer a varity of materials for moving your Gas, Air or Water Stream. We can design and build your system or build a system from the specifications that you provide.

Repair Services

In addition to our In House Services we also offer On Site Trouble Shooting and Repair, System Modifications and General Maintenance of Existing Systems.
For All Services Email - sales@pure-enviro.com
For Immediate Assistance Call - 1-989-463-9101

Pure Environmental Services, Inc
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Phone: 989-463-9101 Website: www.pure-enviro.com
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